The dining room and lounge


The main room of a house where it’s good to be together.

We’ve designed it just like our family, in cocooning mode.

A sofa with cushions and 2 armchairs so that each of you can have your own place and comfort.

You can relax and read, listen to music, watch your favourite TV programme or discuss the next day’s programme…

Coffee table, pedestal table, small storage units for your glasses, magazines and personal belongings.

In the library on the granite wall, you’ll find guides, brochures, books and maps to help you get to know our beautiful region better, and perhaps discover or rediscover books, novels and the history of France ….

Your evenings can also be enlivened by board games in the lounge and also in the “Hydrangea” room.

In another part of this room, not far from the kitchen, you’ll find a completely different setting for having your meals around a table, while watching nature through the window in the dining area.