Rosae room


Room for 2 people
This room was designed and created entirely by us. We wanted a room that was soft and peaceful, but also authentic and comfortable.

Bed 160 x 200 – Bed linen (pillowcases – sheet – duvet cover) and bedding (duvet – pillows (2 firm and 2 soft) – pillow protector and mattress) from CARRE BLANC.
The bed linen is made from certified organic cotton, or for another set, from washed cotton linen.
Your bed will be made on arrival and changed if you are renting for more than a week.

You’ll find warmth on the wall at the head of the bed, with its white wooden planks decorated with pretty brown wax stencils.

Fabrice also worked the other walls with a fine lime coating and a black soap patina.

For the floor, we opted for a glued and sealed floating oak parquet. It’s perfect for walking barefoot to the shower room next to your bedroom.

The bedside tables, equipped with lighting and accessible sockets, were designed and created using a salvaged palette. They are beautifully decorated with rice paper. You can leave your reading material or laptop on them….

Attractive ceiling lights and bedside tables will give you privacy and allow you to move freely around the room as night falls.
During the day, a French window provides natural light.

A wardrobe with hangers and a chest of drawers are available for your linen. We’ve restored them to keep the atmosphere and to allow you to relax in the best possible conditions.

A few other decorative touches round off the room, making ‘Rosae’ feel like the perfect place to spend long, restful nights and cosy naps.